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Established in 2011, Art 10 Design Sdn. Bhd. is a small interior design and built company run solely by Mr. Then. After few years of exercising in this challenging market, and continued opportunity given by regular clients, together with the support of well-trained and experienced team, we have now grown to a bigger company, fuelled by competency and reliability.

With our vision of ‘the Art of Space’ in mind, we create and enhance the quality of each and every space. Quality of space covers a very general term and meaning, but here, we enhance the quality of space by means of design with space planning, ecology, art, and human touch in mind. One cannot appreciate the quality of space without these simple yet profound meanings. In the end, our goal is to create spaces, whether interior or exterior, that is healthy, breathable, pleasing, humane and a touch of art, in a simple yet elegant way.

Our excellent service has prompted us to see our designs in a new and broader context as to challenge with current and future demands. Our projects can range from a single individual house to a commercial and hospitality spaces.

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